Become AL!VE

73705429"AL!VE is a generous place"

Being truly AL!VE means being generous.  We care for each other and our communities in ways that help to improve them, enrich them, and sustain them.  With our time, our talents, and our treasure, we become more by exchanging what we can.  For one person, it may be the gift of their time, spent telling stories of their experiences here.  For another, it may be sharing their art or music or teaching a skill or craft.  Yet another may provide a financial donation, helping to bring AL!VE more to life.

We invite you to Become AL!VE in any and all of these ways. 

Your financial contributions to AL!VE may be eligible for tax deduction as allowed by law as are other gifts to HGB, a 501(c)(3) organization.  Any financial gifts to AL!VE also add towards contributions made to HGB and count toward the HGB's cumulative giving levels.

We invite you to explore the levels of giving and join others in our community who support AL!VE and HGB.