Spa Services

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Spa Parties
FUSE staff can create a customized, unforgettable spa experience on any budget for a group of three or more people. Guests choose from a variety of services to produce a one-of-a-kind spa party for any occasion. Refreshments are provided courtesy of NOURISH by The Big Salad.


Facial Treatments

AL!VE Corrective Facial Treatment
This AL!VE Signature Facial provides your skin with a customized treatment to address individualized skin concerns. An opportunity to completely relax and rejuvenate.
Cost: $45 – 30 minutes  / $65 – 60 minutes  / $85 – 90 minutes
MOVE Member: $40 – 30 minutes  / $60 – 60 minutes  / $75 – 90 minutes

Chemical Peels
First-time guests receive a thorough consultation and skin preparation peel to determine best course of action for their skin. A customized series of six peels will be developed to ensure optimum results. The fruit-enzyme based peals help address many skin challenges like acne, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines.
Cost: $55 / MOVE Member: $50
Package of 6: $275 / MOVE Member: $250

Facial Upgrades
Further customize the 60-minute facial by adding one of these condition-specific upgrades:

  • Anti-Aging: Treat fine lines, firm and manage the challenges that come with more mature skin.
  • Clear Skin: Focus on challenges related to acne and breakouts. Masques reduce redness and inflammation. Extractions will be done, if necessary.
  • Bright Skin: Focus on hyper-pigmentation and challenges associated with dark spots.

Cost: $10

Men's Facial
A relaxing and cleansing spa treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin and counteract irritants from shaving and sports-related activities. A neck and shoulder massage is included to aid overall stress relief.
Cost: $65 - 60 minutes / MOVE Member: $60 - 60 minutes

This minimally abrasive service is for those with fine lines, sun-damaged, dull skin, hyper-pigmentation, acne, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. The particle-free technology delivers a safe, painless and highly effective exfoliation. For best results a series of six appoitnments are suggested.
Cost: $100 single visit / MOVE Member: $90 single visit
Package of 6: $500 / MOVE Member: $450


Massage Therapy

AL!VE Chair Massage
Cost: $1/minute

AL!VE Massage
Relax and recharge when FUSE's certified massage therapists create a customized experience with your needs in mind. Therapists are proficient in deep tissue and Swedish massage. They focus on areas of tenstion and adjust pressure based on customer's preferences.
Cost: $45 – 30 minutes / $60 – 60 minutes / $80 – 90 minutes
MOVE Member: $40 – 30 minutes / $55 – 60 minutes / $75 – 90 minutes

Graston Technique
Deep-tissue massage technique using stainless steel instruments to break down scar tissue and reduce inflammation. It is effective in restoring restricted function caused by injuries, and in pre- and post-surgical patients.
Cost: $20 – 10 minutes / $35 – 20 minutes
MOVE Member: $18 – 10 minutes / $30 – 20 minutes

Hot Stone Massage
Muscle tension melts away with the use of hot stones throughout the massage. Used in conjunction with any of the other massage techniques, Warmed stones are placed on areas of the body and used as massage tools.
Cost: $75 – 60 minutes / $90 – 90 minutes
MOVE Member: $70 – 60 minutes / $85 – 90 minutes

Oncology Massage
Massage specific for those who have gone or are going through cancer treatment including chemotherapy or radiation. The first appointment includes an additional $10 fee for a 30-minute consultation. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.
Cost: $55 – 30 minutes / $90 – 60 minutes
MOVE Member: $50 – 30 minutes / $85 – 60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage
Relief for expectant mothers in all stages of pregnancy. Our pillow system keeps you comfortable so you can relax and unwind while getting relief for tight sore muscles, excess swelling, and stiff backs.
Cost: $60 – 60 minutes
MOVE Member: $55 – 60 minutes

Treat feet and hands to the ancient art of relaxation. By manipulating pressure and energy points, the therapist can stimulate the entire body, improving energy flow and circulation while promoting relaxation. Includes aromatherapy lotions.
Cost: $60 – 60 minutes
MOVE Member: $55 – 60 minutes

Stress Relieving Treatment
This gentle relaxation service is ideal for those who are unsure what type of massage to choose. Treatment consists of a foot bath and massage, facial cleanse and massage, hand and arm massage, plus hot towels on the feet and back.
Cost: $65 – 60 minutes / $80 - 90 minutes
MOVE Member: $60 – 60 minutes / $75 - 90 minutes



  • Arm - $40/$35
  • Back or Chest - $55/$50
  • Bikini - $30/$25
  • Brazilian - $65+/$60+
  • Facial - $12/$10 per area
  • Full Leg - $50/$45
  • Half Leg - $35/$30
  • Specialty Wax - $15+/$10+
  • Under Arm - $25

*Pricing reflects normal cost/MOVE member cost


Holistic Health Services

Rain Drop Therapy
A rejuvenating application of therapeutic essential oils dispensed on feet and along the spine to create a deeply relaxing experience. 
Cost: $70 - 60 minutes / MOVE Member: $65 - 60 minutes

Self-Guided Meditation
Come use our room and iPod to experience this service. Please bring headphones.
Cost: $10 / MOVE Member: $8