Q: When did AL!VE open?A: Clinical services and programming opened to the community in November 2011. The facility became fully operational, including the café (NOURISH) and activity gym (SOAR), in December 2011. The fitness center (MOVE), the conference space (GATHER), and the children's recreational and development area (GROW), opened in December 2012. We have seen many expansions since our initial year of opening to the community.

Q: What times can I use AL!VE?A: Click here for our hours of operation.

Q: How much does it cost to use AL!VE?A: One of the unique aspects of AL!VE is there are no entry fees or membership requirements. While there are some fee-based services, such as group exercise classes, cooking classes or spa treatments, there are also many free activities like the walking path (EXPLORE) and rock climbing wall (ASCEND) during open climb times.

Q: Do you have to live in Charlotte to use AL!VE?A: No ... AL!VE is open to everyone. It is "Your Community Well-Being Place" and we encourage everyone to visit and experience all that AL!VE has to offer.

Q: Do I need a card to use AL!VE?A: There is nothing required to come in and experience AL!VE. A L!NK is available FREE of charge. It allows you to check out equipment and games, receive our newsletters, as well as exclusive coupons and special mailings. It also allows the AL!VE team to provide you with a customized experience.

Q: What is a JEM?A: All women L!NK holders are JEMs. The goal of JEM is to offer local women an opportunity to connect in an atmosphere that helps build positive and supportive personal connections, through women’s-only events, programs and special offers. To become a JEM, be sure to sign up for L!NK

Q: How do I find what classes, programs and activities are happening at AL!VE?A: A quarterly program guide is available online or at the facility.

Q: How can I play basketball at AL!VE?A: AL!VE offers several times each week where SOAR, the activity gym, is open for shoot-around hoops at no cost. During posted basketball times, or when SOAR is not scheduled, basketball can be played on a drop-in basis for a nominal fee.

Q: Can I drop off my children at AL!VE?A: Teens between the ages of 13 and 17 can use AL!VE unsupervised as long as their parents have completed a Teen Safety Sheet. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult or guardian unless they're in a facilitated program or are signed in to GROW.

Q: Is there child care available at AL!VE?A: Yes! GROW is open Monday through Saturday. Not only does it offer a variety of activies for children between the ages of three months to 12 years, it also offers programming and events for our youngest visitors. For children three months to two years, reservations are required. Click here to find out more about their hours and rates, or call (517) 541-5803.

Q: How long is the walking path (EXPLORE)?A: The inside walking path is 1/9 of a mile, the outdoor path in PRESERVE at the front of AL!VE is 1/5 of a mile and the newly added outdoor path leading to Foote Street at the back of AL!VE is 1/4 of a mile (from entry to Foote Street and back)

Q: Can I rent space at AL!VE?A: Yes. Some space is available at no cost, such as for a book or card club, or support group. Additional space, including the conference rooms in GATHER, are available to rent for meetings, parties and events. Click here to find out more about our event opportunities, or call (517) 541-5811 for more information on availability and costs.

Q: Where can I find more information about AL!VE?A: Check us out on Facebook! You can also call (517) 541-5800. AL!VE is located at 800 W. Lawrence Ave., in Charlotte, Mich. – just minutes from I-69. For directions, click here.

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